Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nice smelling cuttlefish class

Sybil almost cried when we said she smell like crab flavoured cuttlefish!
she can't stop whining, always giving me headaches.

Can't believe that it's alrdy the last 3 days of lessons before we're promoting to year 3, changing class, making new friends all over again. the thought of the people who took PMS just made me sick, real sick.

To Sybil: u can't blame us for e excessive bullying, only 3 more days of addictive bullying..!!! , *cuttlefish doesn't give you stomach ache, soyabean + coke does :)

To Lychee & Sybil: no more chiong-ing pei society tgther, cam whoring, bullying fat ass, eating in chomp chomp & school canteens, gossipings, consipre to steal egg tarts, sharing food, grabbing fat ass's sweetsss, stuffing cuttle fish into fatass clevage, hiding/running away while fatass is still in e toilet. good bye my friends.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another day without big backside and lychee.

DAMN CRM. 6P lasted for more than 30mins! yawns... *please stop talking to yourself J**** !

To sybil & lychee : you realised how bored I am in class now!?!

(backside not drawn to scale, 1:10000)


"DRUNK" *sniff sniff* my nose itching
yingjing's leg hair pricking my nose.

*candid! ahhh... yingjing is hungry again!

"don't you wish your gf was hot like her?"

Some trends not to follow

i didn't know bangalahs drink anchor beer! ewww...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moley comeback? NO!!! JW gonna be punked.

Life has always been so sucky for Moley...

People bully him, make fun of him,push him around, but ...

I believe that "What comes around, goes around!"

Is there a glimpse of hope for Moley comeback?

BUT... he has got all of attention diverted to this ENG KOU BI (eagle's look-a-like nose), gay JiaWei.
God made us see some things that's supposed to be a secret to somebody else to make life exciting for us all. It's a secret that is locked up & kept in their hearts (AND also the pictures locked up in his friendster)


*See he's grinning from ear to ear, aiyyer! *that's a snapshot, he's seriously in LOVE! Stay on to see how he's going to be punked.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Forgotten to ZIP?

This guy here forgot to ZIP his pants ah! *Must be very careful of my words, scully right after I post this entry, the next time I know, police come knocking on my door.
This picture is actually an incomplete one. At the start, I only managed to take his bottom half, after several tries, I managed to take his FACE! HAHAHA! He look so SONG in this picture. Maybe he did that on purpose, to attract crowds' attention, so I actually fell for his dirty scheme? Imagine that he wasn't on the phone at all, instead he was actually observing who was looking.......inside the dim hole. Can you see anything?

*I don't understand why he must sit like that.

I had another similar experience while on the train to woodlands MRT station. An old uncle forgotten to zip his shorts, but this was worse. He is 1000X fairer and I guess generally old men doesn't have a habit to wear underwear, so I saw his .... *scream*

I had times where I forgot to ZIP too :)
It was in this particular shop that everyone knows, Addidas. (IN VIVO CITY!!!)
I was strolling with my brother, we walked into the shop went separate ways. (they have men and women sections) So when I was looking at the shoes,apparels, sports bra, I sense that someone is looking at me (I'M NOT IMAGINING!). And it's the Addidas staffs. One of them is a girl and the other is a GUY! When I was walking to the back of the shop to find my brother, the female staff stopped me and whispered "hi miss, i think you've forgotten to zip."


okay, thanks for informing, I really appreciate that. I cannot imagine my video on youtube, strolling in an Addidas shop with that unzipped pants! I don't wan ppl on the streets to recognise me by "that panty flasher in Addidas shop"! HAHAHA!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music teacher Singing in MAC?

The music teacher (TOP), US imitating her (bottom)

She seems like a music teacher, i guess. Pieces of papers filled with chinese written words was on her table. Papers with old chinese songs' lyrics, not even of my generation. Though all the pieces are of the same song (from different handwrittings) , she repeatedly sang it over and over again. So it couldn't be from her old lover. She must be a teacher.


Most music teachers are weird. I remembered I had a chinese lady as a music teacher(Mrs Chin) in my primary school and she always sing in this Super High pitched voice as though she's in soap opera. She would always perform her 'Na shou' Chinese Dance. And come to think of it, her make-up is weird. She puts thick blusher, coloured eyeshadow (never fail to change colour everyday) , red lipstick on her tiny lips, fake long eyelashes. And she has got high cheekbones (like Fann Wong) because she is SKINNY! (Larry would LOVE it-Highcheekbones)

This is the closest I could get...(down)
To a 10year old kid, this kinda look can be extremely frightening and unforgettable.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Take a glimpse at our unwanted clothes.

(YJ, Me, Mindy)

HAHAHAHAHA!!! What can I say?

This was taken while we were sorting out our unwanted clothes in Mindy's house. Some of Mindy's clothes are new and looks okay.
Many of YingJing's clothes were seriously not wearable - you see what I'm wearing on my body? (the one in the centre)

Firstly, the sleeve is too short so you can't say it's a tanktop.
Secondly, it's so high up in the neck (extremely uncomfortable), you can't say it's a round neck shirt.

I concluded that the closest name for this top is Spaghetti-strapped shirt. Normally, the Spahetti STRAP is at least 5times longer than this! Any idea what kinda top is this?

Anyway, I seriously look like I didn't want my face to be exposed together with that freakish top.

Ying Jing got stucked while trying to take off her inner top (hidden inside that green dress). Though she look like she's trying to get something outa her boobies. maybe she's clearing coins that got stucked in her cleavage. *linglingling*

Mindy didn't want her face to be taken/publish with that disgusting collar shirt (also contributed by YJ) that's why she used a new piece of underwear to cover her face. I agree that it's unbearable.